About Us

Gear Park is a full-service facility that specializes in storage of musical and stage equipment for artists. We offer storage with huge amounts of empty space for your staff to work on the equipment as needed. Gear Park is designed with the client in mind. There is a roomy and comfortable lounge with sofas, chairs, tables and other conveniences such as cable television and free Wi-Fi. Additional desks and a conference space are also available, should you need to hold a meeting. Your staff can utilize all these areas any time they wish.  Throughout the facility are numerous restrooms for your convenience.

Gear Park's goal is to provide you with a safe, secure, and comfortable space, to not just store your equipment, but to work on the gear all while in a user friendly environment. Your staff can spend the day accomplishing whatever they may need without having to rent extra space, or move equipment to another facility. Gear Park is perfect for the pre-tour prep, the mid-tour refurbishment, and the end of tour de-prep.  Staff that is not working on gear can focus on paperwork, e-mail, or other business functions while in the facility. Your team will achieve maximum productivity because of the offerings of Gear Park, all while being in constant touch with one another in the same building.

Gear Park redefines the standard in entertainment gear storage.  Our facility translates into financial savings for you because we truly become your production office, warehouse, prep facility, and repair center. Think of us as your personal parking lot for gear: We are indeed your Gear Park!



Free Extras for our Friends:

Kitchen & Dining Space

Lounge Area


Conference Room

Wi-Fi Internet Access

Thousands of square feet to work on
your equipment

Paint Booth